Big Woman, Short Skirt (A)

by Jay Corey and the Crawdaddies

It's the kind of night that you dream about, where the beer is cheap and the rules are out.
oh man, oh man how could this be, but the best girl in the place is looking at me.

Well I said to the man would you pour me a gin, slid myself on over and came up to her chin.
I said hey there girl, how's the weather up there. she said from head to toe I'm looking for love and I haven't a care.

Chorus: Big woman, short skirt, big woman, short skirt, big woman, short skirt
6 foot 2 and she likes to flirt.
Big woman, short skirt, don't mess around you're going to get hurt.

I was on the prowl and there she stood, on the right side of perfect and looking good.
I said hey there baby how do you do? She looked down and shot me a smile and said I'm looking at you.

chorus / solo

I was at that joint on 1st and vine, when I saw her face she was worth the climb.
She said kiss me baby, then we danced all night, and the girl was still in my arms come the morning light.