Lay Me Down Alberta

By Corey, Greff, Huntington

Lyrics by Corey

Split shot weight put 2 on the leader, then cast away
She go down to kick the boys around, got work to be done right here
Just knockin' about the town doin' nothin'
Stack'em back and have a real nice time
Come on in - take a load off
Only cost a buck to ride

Lay me down Alberta and set my feet to rest
Sweet as pie in the summer, long legs and a Dixie chest
Corn bread rise, hot butter, fried chicken and a mess of greens
Lay me down Alberta and keep me company

Do or dare ain't lookin' for trouble, just passin' by
Put a wet towel at the foot of the door, got work to be done right here
Sit waitin' along the road ain't a coming
Add 'em up and let the good times roll
Left or right - put the bone down
Lookin' like it's time to go


Uptown game keep pace with the winner, now promenade
Take a good look at the soul inside, got work to be done down here
Just trippin' along the bricks make it happen
Pick 'em up and take a long last ride
Step by step - all for nothin'
Fakin' with a note to buy