Cajun/Zydeco Music and Arts Festival
Moodus, CT. June 6, 2003

If you have a need for an "eargasmic" experience, a true show-stopper is the explosive sounds of a Baltimore based band that calls themselves "The Crawdaddies."

From the moment the band took the stage they simply lit it up. The group is a true party band, made up of five very talented musical monsters. On accordion and dubbed "one of the worlds toughest" is Kraig Greff. Superior lead vocalist Jay Corey also provides rubboard as well as acoustic guitar. On lead guitar and vocals is Chris Huntington. On drums and percussion is the phenomenal Tim Steele and providing the thunder on the bass is Darryl Matarozza.

As I hinted earlier, the group is a steamroller or vocals and musical talent. They take away no prisoners and basically prefer to leave their audience in a musical stupor. I had a chance to talk with Jay and Kraig in a private interview on Saturday, just after a knockout musical blow was delivered by the group. It turns out that seven years ago, the group started quite by accident. Jay and Kraig were both invited to a party and as the evening wore on the two began to jam together on a couple of tunes they mutually knew. When they discovered they had a good mix, the other band members were selected to join in later. Within seven years the group has garnished two CD's with a third in the works. It's become a full time job for us, and we travel throughout America promoting our sound. "A lot of concerts, clubs, festival work fill up our schedules" commented Jay.

Currently they manage themselves as well as record without a label. That's the way they want it, because they call the shots. Approached by several labels over the years, the group is concerned about loosing their independent sound and are fearful of getting pigeon holed into a musical style and situation they would later regret. So for now they go it alone. Probably a smart move, for the group is truly an awesome display of talent and charisma onstage. They captivate and demand their audience, and are just spellbinding. Their new CD "Spice it Up" is a fun-filled good spin, and holds 10 original songs and one cover....

-by Roger Straub, writer for Hometown Journal, vol. 12, June 13, 2003